Monday, March 5, 2012

Sledding In Greer

We had the opportunity to rent a cabin with a friend from work and their family.  The cabin was up on a hill in Greer which was great because all we had to do was get our snow gear on and out we went to go sledding.  I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough snow but I was wrong . . .  There was plenty of snow and we had a blast.  Dan and I even got a chance to go to Sunrise and go snowboarding for a day.  Dylan got to stay with Kristen and her family and enjoy playing with Mojo (the dog). 



One of the days, the Fausto’s neighbors who were staying at the Greer Lodge Resort brought some tubes to sled with.  From now on, we are totally going to only sled with tubes.  You could go super fast and not feel any of the bumps!


Dylan absolutely loved sledding! He had a huge smile and would laugh all the way down the hill.  As soon as we dragged him up the hill and we were out of breath he would walk right over to the sled and sit down, ready to go again!

Meet Mojo . . . Unfortunately the snow suit and shoes didn’t work out so his poor paws got really sore!


Kayla, Big Dylan, and Alyssa had a blast too! The goal for next year is to get Alyssa to walk back up the hill on her own. . .


Can’t take credit for this super cool snowman! I think Big D and Kayla made this one.


Overall we had a blast and can’t wait until next year!

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